Personal Graduation Plans (PGP)

Parents and Students,

Bellaire Counselors are meeting with 9th-11th grade students to initiate the Personal Graduation Plan (PGP.) The PGP is a required electronic document for all public high school students in Texas. The purpose is to track completion of high school requirements, endorsement plan selection, document course work, grades, and post-secondary planning.  After the student initiates their PGP in the HISD Student Portal, parents have a step to complete as well. Parents will go into the HISD Connect parent portal to verify the information inputted by the students and electronically sign. A PGP is not considered complete until the parent completes this step.


Counselors will meet with students on the following dates:

9th grade- World Geography classes, October 18-22

10th grade- World History classes, November 1-5

11th grade- English 3 classes, November 15-19


If assistance is needed to log into the HISD Parent Portal, please contact Alex Brown, Counselor’s clerk, for a copy of the parent portal letter at:

 Click here to access a Parent's Guide to PGPs.