UIL Awards - TPP & Yearbook

This past weekend, the Interscholastic League Press Conference held its annual spring convention and presented awards to Texas publications and students. Both the Carillon and Three Penny Press Online received the highest rating, Distinguished Merit. The Three Penny Press print edition received an Achievement rating.

The 2021 Carillon (Square One) also received a Silver Star award.

Individually, Bellaire newspaper and yearbook journalists received numerous awards, including:


Yearbook Individual Achievement Awards (2021, Square One):

  • Editors - 2nd place Theme Selection and Development
  • Staff - 1st place Headlines
  • Anna Lo - 3rd place Captions
  • Joyce Weng - 1st place Feature Spread
  • Katie Pettigrew - 2nd place Feature Spread
  • Vivian Dai -  3rd place Student Life Spread
  • Katie Pettigrew - Honorable mention Student Life Spread
  • Bruce Le & Albert Zhu – 1st place Academics Spread
  • Peyton Richardson - 3rd place Sports Spread
  • Erika Lim - 3rd place People Section Spread
  • Bryce Liu - Honorable mention Club/Organization Spread
  • Ava Jiang - 2nd place Infographic
  • Anna Lo - 3rd place Infographic
  • Joy Wang - Honorable mention Sports Action Photo
  • Jason Yao - 3rd place Photo Portfolio
  • Joy Wang - Honorable mention Photo Portfolio


Current Year Yearbook Individual Achievement Awards (for the 2022 book, (Re)):

  • Keira Cavanaugh - Honorable mention Feature Spread
  • Bruce Le - 2nd place Student Life-Focused Spread
  • Chris Jacinto - Honorable mention Sports-Focused Spread
  • Alex Xu -  1st place Academic-Focused Spread
  • Vivian Dai - 2nd place People Section Spread
  • Alex Xu - 3rd place Club/Organization Spread
  • Scott Cricks - 3rd place Story
  • Molly Vestal - 1st place Photo Portfolio
  • Keira Cavanaugh - 2nd place Photo Portfolio


Print News Writing (from Feb. 2021-Feb. 2022)

  • Angelina Pascali -  3rd place News Writing
  • Sophia Hernandez -  3rd place News Feature
  • Nabila Wilson - 1st place Entertainment Feature
  • Sophia Hernandez -  1st place Sports Page/Spread Design
  • Sophia Hernandez -  2nd place News Page/Spread Design
  • Sonya Kulkarni - Honorable mention News Page/Spread Design
  • Sophia Hernandez - Honorable mention Page One News Magazine Design


Online News Writing (from Feb. 2021-Feb. 2022)

  • Sonya Kulkarni - 2nd place News Writing
  • Alexa Bu, Kate Griffiths, Nabila Wilson - Honorable mention News Feature
  • Ian Kuzola  - 2nd place Editorial Writing
  • David Bournat, Eli Cowan and Ryan Liu  - Honorable mention Editorial Writing
  • Sophia Hernandez  - 2nd place Sports News Story
  • Sophia Hernandez  - 2nd place Feature Writing
  • Malaika Suleman  - Honorable mention Feature Writing
  • Karis Chen  - Honorable mention Photo Slide Show
  • Trinity Sloan  - Honorable mention Personal Opinion Column
  • Jonathan Chiriboga - Honorable mention Sports Column
  • Johanna Wen  - Honorable mention Computer Art
  • Ariana Castaneda  -  1st place Entertainment Photo


In addition, both staffs had a Tops in Texas winner. Tops in Texas pits the 1st place winners in each classification — 1A-6A, plus middle schools — against each other for an overall champion. Bruce Le and Albert Zhu received Tops in Texas for Yearbook Academics Spread. Nabila Wilson received the Tops in Texas for Print News Entertainment Review.