Dress Code



Appropriate Dress for School


  • IDs must  be worn at all times

  • Hats, bandanas, non-religious head coverings, do-rags, and sleep caps are not allowed to be worn on school grounds.

  • The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses should be no shorter than mid-thigh.

  • All clothing, including socks and accessories, must be free of profane, suggestive or provocative language and/or symbols, advertisement or promotion of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or drug use, hate, and/or reference to or association with gang activity.

  • Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist. Clothing must be size appropriate.  

  • Any clothing with holes above the knees should not have skin exposed.

  • Students must wear shoes. Sandals are permissible.   

  • Leggings are permissible, but must not be sheer. The leggings should be paired with a shirt of appropriate length.

  • All clothing must cover the entire midriff area. Low-cut revealing tops are not allowed. Tank tops, camis, transparent clothing, and clothing designed to be worn as an undergarment are not permitted.