Student IDs

New IDs will be printed this year for all students. There will be a different design, so previous years’ IDs cannot be reused.


Last year’s school photos will be used for 10th-12th graders who took one. All 9th graders and new enrollees will need to submit an ID photo. Those students will receive an email the week of Aug. 7 prompting them to set up an account in the ID system. This email will NOT come from HISD, so please be sure to check through all emails in the school account.


Once an account is set up, students can upload an ID photo. All photos will be reviewed for approval. To be approved, the photo must meet the following criteria:

  • The photo should be taken with a simple background. Think of a passport or state ID photo.
  • The student should be facing directly into the camera.
  • The student should not be wearing hats, hoodies, headphones or Airpods.


Students whose photos are not approved will receive an email in their HISD account stating the issue and prompting them to submit a new photo.


If a student can't locate the email message and did not have their picture taken during Cardinal Camp they can have their picture taken during back to school check-in.  IDs will be distributed during Cardinal Hour the first week of school. Students will be given temporary IDs until their permanent ID is ready.