Qualifying Electives - Pass/Fail Waiver Form Submission

Qualifying Electives - Pass/Fail Waiver Form Submission


This week, the Counseling Department presented to fine arts, athletics, and JROTC classes regarding the Qualifying Elective form. By turning in this form, you are opting into converting a numeric grade to “pass” to remove the grade from the student’s GPA.


Please read the information below carefully and if you like to submit a Qualifying Elective form, you can download a waiver form here.


The option to convert a numeric grade of 85 or higher to a “pass” applies only to:

  • High school students (9th-12th) enrolled in qualifying elective courses. Courses that Qualify: Athletics, Art, Band, Choir, Cheer, Dance, Drill Team, Guitar, JROTC, Orchestra, PE, Piano, and Theater. 

  • Upon receipt of a fully executed intention statement, submitted by the student to their Counselor. 

  • Fall 2023 Deadline: October 6, 2023

  • Spring 2024 Deadline: February 27, 2024 (only for courses added to the student’s schedule for the spring semester after the end of the first grading cycle in the fall)

  • Courses taken in 9th grade through 12th grade.

  • Qualifying elective courses must be taken in HISD.

  • The option to convert a numeric grade of 85 or higher to a “pass” may be applied in up to four (4) qualifying elective courses for no more than 2.0 state credits during a student’s high school tenure. 

  • A numeric grade must be assigned to a high school student’s first full, fine arts and physical education credit (1.0). Any additional fine arts and physical education credits can be converted to a “pass” if the course grade average requirements are satisfied. 

  • Courses designated as Career and Technology Education (CTE) do not qualify as qualifying elective courses.

  • Students receiving a “pass” for the semester grade average will receive a 0.5 credit value.


The slide deck shown to students can be located here.

If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.