Calling all that garden or want to garden

Posted by Priscilla Quiocho on 9/10/2014

So great to have seen everyone at the PTO meeting! I just wanted to post the Parker Garden Wish List. We are taking donations of items and of course $.
I want to invite all interested in working on this project to send me an e-mail so I have your contact information. We are in need of volunteers to not only work in the garden (novice and experts are all welcome), but are looking for people to fundraise/grant write, and serve as the coordinator of volunteers. Thanks!
Parker Garden Wish List 

Soil (enough for the current beds)




Organic fertilizer 



Compost Bin



Rain Barrel



Hand trowels (class set of 30)



Kid sized glove (class set of 30)



Watering cans (class set of 30)



Gardening knee pads



Shovels (5 long handle)



Rakes (3 long handle)



Buckets (5 sturdy plastic)



Water hose



Wheel barrow (2)



Wagon (1)




For 2016 (New Building/New Garden)






Material for Bed walls



Shade structure



Seating area for classes