Old School Tutoring

ost Old School Tutoring is accepting registrations for the year.  Reserve your spot on the Pershing Van for transport to our West University Place location at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 5308 Buffalo Speedway.

Are you concerned about your child and how they are doing in Middle School? Let Old School Tutoring help them during this transition. Combining Old School's philosophy of homework triage with an amazing staff of Rice University Tutors, we are excited to help your student learn and enjoy their new scholastic experience.

Picking up from Pershing, T. H Roger’s, Poe Elementary as well as Lanier, Pin Oak, Robert’s, Spring Branch and Memorial Middle Schools, Old School will transport your student from their school to one of our facilities. We are located at1601 Sunset across from Rice University, 5308 Buffalo Speedway at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in West U, or 11750 Memorial Drive in Memorial Drive Christian Church.

Register now to grab a spot! “Early Registration” began May 1st. Visit our website at: www.oldschooltutorme.com.

Pre-med and Graduate Rice University Student Tutors Provide Daily Individualized Tutoring
Conveniently located at First Christian Church at 1601 Sunset Blvd, Colonial Park in West U. at 4130 Byron or Memorial Drive Christian Church at 11750 Memorial Drive

Monday – Friday, 3:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Old School starts in 4th Grade and goes through High School.
Economical daily tuition options are available meaning you can sign up for
the days that your child needs.

“  I went from a 74% to a 100%
in one and a half weeks!
-Olivia, Lanier Middle School Student

Scan the QR Code to watch Olivia’s video testimonial
or log on to OldSchoolASC.com.