Read every day for 20 minutes! Remember to log your reading daily in your agendas.

Read every day for 20 minutes!  The students are required to read for 20 miinutes outside of the classroom at least five times every week.  They are to log their reading daily in their agendas under their daily homework assignments.  All assigned reading for homework counts toward this requirement.   

I check the reading "logs" every Monday.  It is part of the homework completion assessment.  

For the first 4 months fo the school year the students must read at least one Bluebonnet book and take and pass the AR quiz on the book EACH MONTH.

I also have some required reading genres - such as  Biography, or Poetry -  each month that can we used for the Reading Log hours.   In certain months, I will have a Reading assignment that accompanies the reading genre assigned.  This is due by the end of the month.

This Month's required reading is to read pne mystery and one Bluebonnet. The reading requirement for the month is attached.  They are to complete one for the Mystery book and one for the Bluebonnet.  


Her is the link to the October Monthly Reading Requirement.