Why do you give? Share your Combined Charities story and inspire others


Whether supporting HISD programs, conservation initiatives, or higher education is your bag, if you work for HISD, now is your chance to make a big difference in the lives of others.

HISD’s annual Combined Charities Campaign kicked off on Monday, Oct. 13, and for the next three weeks, district employees will have an opportunity to do good by contributing to this annual fundraiser.

To help defray administrative and fundraising costs, the campaign unites 12 charitable federations that represent more than 600 different service agencies, and employees can opt to support their favorite causes either on a one-time basis or through regular payroll deductions.

Last year, we heard three stories about why people donate, including convenience, an alarming diagnosis, and a desire to payback simple kindness. Tell us why you give to Combined Charities at info@houstonisd.org and you could be featured next on the HISD website.

For details on this year’s campaign, including how to contribute, why every dollar matters (.pdf), and a simple overview of the program, please visit the Combined Charities website.