Officer Duties


1. Preside over meetings.

2. Appoint Committees

3. Coordinate and plan the activities of the chapter.

4. Represent the chapter in public relations and official functions.

5. Responsible for planning an agenda for all meetings or executive committee meetings.

6. Must spearhead FFA involvement at school activities.

7. Responsible for the organization and completion of national report or application for chapter recognition.

Vice- President

1. Assume duties of the president if necessary.

2. Develop the Program of Activities Committees.

3. Work closely with the president in meeting chapter goals.

4. Coordinate all committee work.

5. In charge of communication between the FFA Chapter and the Booster Club and should attend the Booster Club meetings.

6. Responsible for all joint activities and cooperative activities and events.


1. Prepare and post the agendas for all meetings.

2. Prepare minutes of the meeting.

3. Responsible for all chapter correspondence.

4. Maintain member attendance.

5. Keep records on chapter point system.

6. Responsible for invitations, programs, and thank you letters.

7. Maintain a secretary’s book of records.

8. Must submit for the Secretary’s Book State Recognition

9. Responsible for submitting State Reports for chapter recognition.


1. Record, receive, and deposit FFA funds

2. Present treasures report at meeting

3. Collect dues

4. Prepare membership roster

5. Keep records on all fund raisers

6. Purchases needed supplies and keep chapter accounts, maintain records, invoices and payment.

7. Send out invoices as needed to collect chapter funds.

8. Must organize and keep records of the chapter’s meat sale.


1. Prepare, write and submit articles to local newspaper on all chapter activities.

2. Send news release to the local radio station KOKL

3. Publish chapter newsletter

4. Take chapter photographs of all events.

5. Send articles to the Okmulgee Times and the Beggs, Mounds, Keifer newspaper.

6. Send articles and photographs to the FFA New Horizon and the Ag. Youth.

7. Prepare and send news releases

8. Plan newspaper and radio releases during National FFA Week

9. Prepare displays for school

10. Prepare an orientation program for the middle school classes about FFA.

11. Must submit the Reporters scrapbook for state recognition.


1. Assist the president in maintaining order.

2. Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment, and supplies in proper condition.

3. Welcome guests and visitors.

4. Keep the meeting room comfortable.

5. Take charge of candidates during degree ceremonies

6. Assist with special features and refreshments.

7. In charge of recreational activities and events.

8. Responsible for courtesy corps during banquet.

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