Danielle Turner: June 2017 Employee of the Month

EOM Danielle Turner, Employee of the Month for June, is dropout prevention caseworker at Yates High School.

Turner, who has been in her role at Yates High School for three years, takes pride in keeping students in school and on track to graduate, and has become an invaluable member of the team at Yates.

“She is running around the city all of the time trying to find our kids and making sure they are enrolled in school,” said Yates High School Principal Kenneth Davis. “She has a really good personality and a good relationship with most of our students and parents.”

Turner said she is proud of the recognition for the work she does and the fact that it is having a positive impact.

“I would like to thank my principal for giving me the opportunity to preside in this position,” Turner said. “He gives me a lot of freedom to do what I need to do to work with my students.”