OnTrack and lead4ward Task Cards

OnTrack Task Cards are designed to walk you through key assessment processes. Cards are divided into steps and example images. Go through each step as described to achieve your goal. The table below has links to read-only documents and videos in Office365.

Contact the Student Assessment Department Formative Assessment Support Team for questions or feedback about these task cards.      

 (Office365 links below open with your HISD email account, then choose "work or school account' to access.

Task Card

       Task Description

Video Links


-      Navigate the OnTrack site

-      Edit user preferences

-      Customize Flipcards/Launchpad

-      Use ‘Help’ option for guides

-      Search for students or users


Naming Conventions

-       Guide to HISD test and item naming conventions


Student Login Cards


OnTrack Login Methods


Student Scores Online

- Create cards to assist students with login


- Review single sign-on (SSO) and direct login methods 


Fundamental Skills (Paper)

Scanner Installation

Login to Scanning Software


-    Login to OnTrack

-    Verify Student Roster & Access

-    Access AKO Student Demonstration

-    Print Answer Sheets

-    Scan Answer Sheets

-    (Video) Scanner Install

-    Run Reports

-    Provide Feedback on process

· Video - Giving a Paper Test

· Video - Installing Scanner

·  Video - Using Scan Software

·  Video: Scanner Maintenance

 Video: Test Completion Status - Assessment Administration Report

Video: Student Feedback Cards - Data Ownership and Tutoring Cards

Fundamental Skills (Online) Teacher


OnTrack Login Methods


Student Scores Online


-    Login to OnTrack

-    Verify Student Roster & Access

-    Access AKO Student Demonstration

-    Schedule Assessment (online administration)

-    Enable accommodations and options

-    Run reports

 Install LockDown Browser

 Videos embedded in Task Card document.

Enable Online Accommodations for Individual Students 

Video: Student Feedback Cards - Data Ownership and Tutoring Cards

Student Online Fundamentals

OnTrack Login Methods

Student Scores Online

-       Process students use access and take assessments online

-       Strategy tools

-       Test Tools

 Install LockDown Browser

 Video: Student Feedback Cards - Data Ownership and Tutoring Cards

Student Online Resources - Personalization

Personalized Resource Assignments

- How students can access assigned personal resources (PRAs)


- How teachers can create Personalized Resource Assignments (PRAs)


Creating Surveys

- How to create surveys for students, staff, and public in OnTrack.


Online Test Tools and Accommodations


Accommodation Profiles

-       Review of online test tools available

-       Links and labels of accessibility and designated supports.

Install LockDown Browser

-      Use accommodation profiles by subject to enable supports by default profile.

Adding Embedded Supports to Item Bank Assessments

Score Constructed Response Items


-    Score rubric type items online

Video- Scoring Constructed Response Items



-      After scanning, see how to rescore or edit answers/standards.

-       See how to correct answer choice, zero-out, and change standards


Creating Student Groups

-    Create Student Groups

-    Manage Groups: Access levels

-    Copy, Edit, Rename, and Delete options


Benchmarks Running Records:          A+ Assessments



-    BRR entry of MOY

-    A+ Assessments (BRR run reports)


BRR Leader Reports Bundle 

BRR Leader Reports Task Card

BRR Reports- Scavenger Hunt Activity

Video - Benchmark Running Records


BRR Leader Report Video

Creating Items in the Workspace


-       Author Items in workspaces

-       Collaboration on items authoring

-       Author passages

-       Author IB Assessment

-       Naming Conventions


Video - Creating Items

Numeric Response Question Types (Griddables)

-    Creating numeric response answer types

-    See available format templates

-    Learn about Tolerance option for allowing rounding tolerance for answers


Item Bank Assessments

Item Bank Creation PPT with videos


-     Collaboration on test authoring

-     Formatting PDF and HTML rendering

-     Naming Conventions


Video - Create Item Bank Assessments

Create Answer Key Only AKO Assessments


-     Create AKO assessment

-     Create name for assessment

-     Select options

-     Add standards

-     Add number of items to include and answers

Video - Creating AKO

Create ExamView Assessment

-        Create ExamView Assessment

-        Export from ExamView

-        Import from ExamView

 Video – Create ExamView import

(ELD) English Language Development

-     ELD entry of TELPAS 2017 spring data

-     A+ Assessments (ELD reports)

 ELD Progress Monitoring FAQ

Video - Inputting Demonstration


Assign School Roles and Permissions

-     Assign teachers/staff to ‘School’ role

-     See roles and their permissions

-     Change permissions and access for staff


DDI: Data Driven Instruction

Administration Report - Tests Taken

Assign Resources - Personalization

Standard Progression and Custom Reports


Leader Reports Guide

Leader Reporting Task Card

Customize Report Bands

Executive Leader Reports-PPT

Executive Leader Reports- Participants Guide

Printing Excel Reports (Custom and Standard Progression Reports)

-     Review reports and their analysis

-     Find guiding questions for each report

-     See descriptions of reports and features

- Access DDI and Predefined report features

- Leaders task card to find report features

Video: Student Response and Student Grouping by Standard (Data Dig 1)

Video: Custom and Standards Progression Reports


Heatmap Reports

- Heatmaps by lead4ward in OnTrack

- Run reports for your campus

- Choose formative and summative data

- Download excel report that calculates areas to review for STAAR

See related report tools in https://www.houstonisd.org/datarichyear

 Video: Heatmap Reports



  • Quintile Reports - Group students into five equal groups by performance
  • lead4ward Custom Progress Reports -  The focus of the custom progress reports is to verify all students are making one year’s worth of growth.  All students should have the same percentage correct or higher when looking at the previous year STAAR data and HISD DLA and Released STAAR results. 
  • lead4ward IQ Report - The IQ Data Report provides item-level answer choice data from STAAR, available at the campus or district level.

Student History Report

-    Student Demographics

-    Multi-year historical assessment data

-    Assessments data with percent correct, performance level and TEKS performance for assessments including STAAR, TELPAS, Snaps, DLA, BRR, etc.



 Renaissance Data in OnTrack - How to view, tier, and sort data in OnTrack.