12/04 - 12/08

Posted by Steven Mann on 12/6/2017

  • This week students will be using the web lab in code.org.  They'll be doing the following activities.
    • Lesson 2.7:  Images and copyright.  Students will use the <img> tag.
    • Lesson 2.8:  Clean code and debugging.  Students will work with code that needs some help.  Using the information they've learned so far they will clean up code so that information shows up on webpages.
    • Lesson 2.9:  Hyperlinks.  Students will work on linking webpages using the <a> tag.
  • If a student needs to finish an assignment they can come after school on Tuesday for tutorials.  I'm also available for tutorials several mornings throughout the week.  Students will need to schedule a morning tutorial with me in advance.