What coverage does HISD provide?

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HISD provides $10,000 of life insurance coverage and $10,000 of AD&D insurance coverage at no cost to all benefit-eligible employees. You can purchase more coverage with supplemental Life and AD&D insurance. The AD&D benefit matches the supplemental life benefit; AD&D is not a separate election. This is also true if you purchase spouse or child supplemental life.

In general, and subject to policy exclusions, your beneficiary receives life insurance benefits if you die while covered. You receive AD&D benefits if you have a loss as the direct result of an accident. If you die in an accident, your beneficiary receives your AD&D benefits.

You’re automatically the beneficiary for any spouse or child Life and AD&D insurance policy. For more information, refer to the insurance certificate available through the Benefits Department or call Securian at 888-658-0193, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, weekdays (excluding holidays).