What should I do if there is a mistake on my form?

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If you believe there is a mistake in your home address, please verify and correct your address by logging into Employee Self Services from the myHISD, select Personal Profile, and update our information. Even if your address is not correct on the form, the form is still valid and can be used to complete your 2019 taxes. You will not receive an updated Form 1095-C for an address correction.


If you believe data or information is incorrect in Part II (employee offer and coverage) or Part III (covered individuals), please contact HISD Benefits at 713-556-6655 and describe the mistake. A representative will investigate and respond. Explanation about the codes listed in Part II are on the back of the form. 


If any dependent information is incorrect in Part III, you will have to provide government-issued documentation to support a change in name, social security number or date of birth. Acceptable documentation includes a driver’s license, original social security card (not a receipt) or certified birth certificate. This documentation can be faxed to HISD Benefits at 713-556-6662. Please include your name, employee ID number, address and/or phone number.