Week of March 2, 2020

Posted by Mark Redstone on 2/28/2020

Monday/Tuesday -The factoring test will be returned today; all students are to make corrections for next class. EVERYONE, unless you scored a 100. The retake is Friday morning.

After a graded classwork assignment on last week's topic, students will begin to graph quadratics in standard form. They will calculate intercepts, the axis of symmetry, the vertex, and state domain and ranges. The six practice questions are to be completed for next class.


Wednesday/Thursday - After some more graphing quadratics in standard form, students will begin graphing functions in vertex form. Complete the graded classwork distributed in class (Standard form, cvertex form)


Friday - A final day of graphing quadratics is the plan! For HW, complete the 8 questions involving equations in vertex form.