Week of April 13 - Distance Learning Week 3

Posted by Mark Redstone on 4/13/2020

1) Watch the following videos to remind yourself how to solve multi-step equations:

2) **This your assignment that will be graded this week**

The Google Form located on Google Classroom may prompt you for your email (use HISD email) and your name; use Last, First please! It will have you analyze 8 problems, trying to identify the first error committed. You will then have to describe the error, and then correctly solve the problem. Your process work does not need to be uploaded to me this week, but you will obviously need pen and paper to work through these questions. This is my first attempt using Google Forms like this, so please email me if you have technical issues.

3) Voluntary work - Looking for more? See last week's note about ProdigyMath!

4) Voluntary work - ProdigyMath not your thing? Try the puzzles at https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/ (Personally, I love these!)