Week of April 20 - Distance Learning Week 4

Posted by Mark Redstone on 4/19/2020

We will take a break from equation solving this week, and double back to graphing linear functions. It's important for you to recall the work from February before we take this topic to the next phase.


If anyone (or their parents) are interested in seeing more details on their practice STAAR exam from earlier this spring, students can do so by logging into OnTrack, located on the HUB, and searching for their test result.

Meet Rosie!


1) In Google Classroom, watch the introductory video embedded in the first slide of "Slope from a graph...." and complete the Google Form where you will practice. This is a necessary, pre-requisite skill before starting the main topic this week. The form should allow you to see any mistakes made upon your completion by viewing your score.

Slope Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UloLtctQ5jk&t=6s

2) *This is how you are graded this week*. Watch the introductory video embedded in the first slide of "Graphing Linear..." and complete the Google Form on this topic.

Graphing Lines Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAUBv1hgXHc&t=2s


3) Looking for more? Try the extra activities posted last week if you haven't already!