Week of April 27, Distance Learning Week 5

Posted by Mark Redstone on 4/26/2020

1) Weekly Announcements:   



2) This topic is brand new, so you'll have to watch the following two videos to get the necessary instruction. In them, I work out the examples from the GC notes. You will find 4 additional sample problems in these notes that you will need to attempt on your own. Solutions are provided to you, so please make sure you understand the work before moving on. These do not need to be submitted to me.


Finding the equation of a line given a point and a slope:



 Finding the equation of a line given two points:



 3) *This is how you are evaluated this week*. After you've watched the videos, and done the sample problems, complete the assigned Google Form on this week's topic. Alternatively, if the google form was too challenging, there is a second assignment posted in GC for you to complete instead.


4) On Thursday, 2:30pm, I'm going to attempt to play a Kahoot over Microsoft Teams. Hope to see you there! More details to come as we get closer...