7B Cluster Policies

7B Information

We use a blog to communicate information to students and parents. Please check the blog for weekly updates about what your child is doing in class as well as projects, tests, and other important upcoming events. 

7B Blog: www.houstonisd.org/Page/170339         


PS Connect, aka GRADESPEED

The online grading system is an extremely useful tool for both parents and students to be able to keep up with assignments and grades. We require all students to have a PS Connect account, and we encourage all parents to have one as well. If you do not have internet access, you may use the school or public library to set up an email account and check PS Connect. Every week we will be emailing students and parents, via PS Connect, with each student’s current grade.  Our goal is to have grades entered within one week of collecting the assignments.



Work completed independently is vital for students to adequately practice the skills they are learning in class. We try to be respectful that students work hard during the day and should not be overburdened in the evenings. There will be time when students have more homework than usual; however, students should expect the following homework from each class:


Math – Assigned each class period, due the next day of class.

ELA – Ongoing practice: Independent Reading every day. Otherwise, assigned as needed.

Science – Assigned as needed and class work not completed during the school day.

Texas History – Assigned as needed (most days will have homework).


Absences and Make-up work

Students should turn in a written note to the main office upon returning from an absence. If students know that they will be absent from class in advance, they are encouraged to inform the teacher so that they can get class work and not fall behind in class. If students are absent for an extended period of time, please contact the office or your child’s cluster teachers so that arrangements can be made to send work home. HISD policy allows students the number of days they miss plus one day to complete work from absences.



All students will begin each six week grading cycle with a conduct grade of “E.”  Conduct will be lowered after 3 discipline occurrences.  A discipline occurrence could be, but is not limited to the following: late homework, tardies, or detentions. An office referral will result in an automatic conduct cut.


Late Work Policy

It is important assignments are submitted on time as one assignment is often the building block to the next. Work not submitted on time will be subject to a 10% late penalty. However, it is important to us that assignments are completed, and students are held accountable for them. Students will have up to one week to turn in assignments with the late penalty. After three late assignments in a class, the student will receive a conduct cut.  Students who are habitually late with assignments may be assigned to Homework Club, and may be moved from their elective and placed into a designated Study Hall.

Cluster Time (TEAM time)

Cluster time will be set aside during the day to help students be successful. Students will have tutorials, homework time/study lab, etc. TEAM time is typically Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students will be assigned a Team time weekly. If students need to see another teacher during Team time, they must have their planner signed by the other teacher or a written pass from that teacher.


Tutorials Schedule

As a cluster, we will try our best to hold tutorials during Team Time. Please check the 7B blog and the syllabus for each class on additional tutorial dates and times.



All conferences will be held with all core teachers present. Please email Ms. Ajdiou (EAJDIOU@houstonisd.org) to schedule a conference. Conference times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:00am-8:20am or BLUE DAYS at 10:45am-11:05am. Please be punctual. Directly contact your child’s Language Other Than English or elective teachers to schedule conferences with them.


Detention Schedule

Detentions are assigned for Level I offenses (classroom misbehavior or disruption, tardiness to class, failure to participate in class, or misbehavior in the hallways, etc.). Students who receive a cluster detention will be given at least 24 hours notice and will be informed which cluster teacher he/she is serving detention with at the time of the assignment. The detention slip must be signed by a parent/guardian, and the student must show up on time, or they will not be allowed to attend. Students who do not attend detention will receive an office referral. Detention times will be held before or after school at the teachers’ discretion (more information is on the 7B Blog).



Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. This can include, but is not limited to, copying information from a textbook, internet source, or even another student’s work without giving the original author credit. Students who plagiarize will receive disciplinary and academic consequences.


Community Pride

We place an emphasis on the cleanliness of the 7B Cluster.  Students are responsible for maintaining the area outside their lockers in the hallway.  We encourage all students to look out for their belongings, as well as the property of the students near their lockers.  Failure to keep the hallways clean may result in a cluster detention.



We look forward to a very productive year!!