Art Car Parade

Houston Art Car Parade


Pre-COVID-19, we were planning on starting a Wharton Art Car for the Houston Art Car Parade. With my family and friends I have participated in the Art Car Parade for the past 20 years. And when the opportunity came up for a van to be donated to our school, I immediately thought of how fun it would be to share the Art Car experience with our Wharton Family.

The Houston Art Car Parade was to take place this upcoming weekend, April 18. So, to replace the parade with some art fun we are going to have a contest for next year's Art Car Parade. Your job is to design a "doable" or even "challenging" Wharton Art Car/Van design. I will post an outline drawing of our donated Van. Your job is to print the outline, draw it yourself, or even trace the drawing from your computer screen. Then embellish your Van drawing in whatever way your artistic mind can come up with: draw us your Wharton Art Car/Van.

Check out some Art Cars from last year's Parade: