Wagma Isaqzoy: May 2019 Employee of the Month

Praised as the district’s “Wraparound Specialists Expert,” Wagma Isaqzoy of Wisdom High School has been named HISD’s Employee of the Month for May.

“She constantly strives to assist all students and families at Wisdom well beyond the scope of her duties,” Principal Jonathan Trinh said. “She doesn't ask others for out-of-pocket expenses, while remaining humble and grateful with limited resources.”

A Canadian immigrant, Isaqzoy was also crowned the Employee of the Month for Wisdom High School in December 2018. Her ethics, professionalism and genuine passion to help others is the reason why higher level district administrators have given her praise for her efforts.

“She's the face of 'truth to power' and a true motivator for students,” Principal Trinh added. “Nothing is too difficult in her books.”