Teacher Reassignment

Teacher Reassignment


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued support. I am reaching out this evening to include you in a major decision involving our teachers for the upcoming school year. Due to the recent change in enrollment, we experienced an increase in 3rd graders and a decrease in 4th graders, a couple of our teachers experienced reassignments to properly serve our students.

Thus, as the principal at MIMS, I was charged with making the difficult decision today of moving one of our 4th grade teachers to cover the increase of students in 3rd grade. As a result, the 4th graders will be on a three-way rotation in the 2019-2020 school year. However, the positive news it that despite this adjustment in the schedule, we were still able to honor our current small class size ratio so all of our students will receive equal instructional time from our amazing teachers!

Specifically, Ms. Xia will teach Chinese and Math, Ms. Marcus will teach Reading and Social Studies, and Mr. Silveira will teach Writing and Science. The teachers and I met this afternoon to collaborate on how to best serve our community. Together, we recreated the class schedules and rosters and remain excited to welcome your student on Monday, August 26, 2019! The only major change in the rosters is that we split Ms. He’s class three ways and distributed the students evenly to Ms. Xia, Ms. Marcus, and Mr. Silveira’s class.

I understand that you may have many questions about this change and the timing is not ideal. However, I wanted to be as transparent as possible with our community and communicate with everyone as quickly as possible as I realize we just hosted families for our Meet and Greet.

As always, my door is always open and I remain committed to providing your children the best education and experience at MIMS this school year! Thank you again for your understanding and have a wonderful weekend!


Chung Ying