Online resources - March 16th, 2020

Online resources - March 16th, 2020


Good evening parents, 


You may have already heard that HISD is extending the spring break to 4/10.  As of this evening, the plan is to reopen our school on Monday, 4/13/20.  I pray that you and your families are safe and well during this time. To provide our students with quality learning experiences during this break, I am sharing the following technology learning resources below.  


Your child can have access from school or home to the following websites or Apps:


  • Imagine Language and Literacy to practice and enhance Reading and Language skills.
  • Imagine Math to develop and practice Math Skills specific to student needs.
  • Imagine Math Facts to review and practice grade-level Math Facts.
  • myON Digital Library to explore over 6,000 digital books for independent reading.
  • Digital Literacy for to improve Keyboarding and Computer skills.


How to have Home Access:


  • Open a web browser (preferably Chrome) and access the Hub (Clever) at
  • When prompted with the Houston ISD Login Service Screen, enter:
  • Your Child’s Username:
  • (XXXXXXXXX is student ID number)
  • Your Child’s Password: XXXXXXXX
  • (“X” is the student’s 8-dgit birthday. ex: May 24, 2003 ---> 05242003)
  • HUB login instructions:
  • Click on the tab for Digital Resources. (You might have to click on “More” and drag down to Digital Resources.)
  • Next, scroll down and click on Imagine Language and Literacy, Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, Digital Literacy or myON.


The following are some more online resources shared by Principal Akala at Sutton Elementary School:


This email provides a link to a family invitation letter with your district’s unique code for all three of our programs. Families can add up to three children per account. A summary of each program is below and further information is available here.


Click here to download your district's Family Letter with Redeem Code


If parents need assistance redeeming this code or have questions about any of the products, please direct them to our Customer Support team at and we will be happy to help.


  • Early Learning Academy is the leading and most comprehensive digital early learning resource for students in preschool through 2nd grade. ABCmouse offers a research-validated curriculum with more than 10,000 individual Learning Activities and more than 850 complete lessons along our Step-by-Step Learning Path. ABCmouse includes a significant amount of Spanish language content.
  • Adventure Academy is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for students in 3rd through 8th grade. Adventure Academy brings learning to life as it builds critical knowledge of essential curriculum topics with thousands of learning activities in language arts, math, science, and social studies in a safe and engaging virtual world.
  • ReadingIQ is an advanced digital library and literacy platform for children through 6th grade that provides access to thousands of high-quality books, all curated by experts to advance literacy. ReadingIQ includes many books in Spanish, and an offline mode that does not require continuous Internet connectivity.


These are great learning programs that are adaptive and aligned to the specific needs of each students. We hope that you find these programs valuable with supporting your child with improving their Reading, Language, Math, and Technology Skills.  


Chung Ying, Principal