Additional Notes - June 5th, 2020

Additional Notes - June 5th, 2020


Dear Parents, 


I have some updates/corrections to add to my previous thank you note. 


I would like to thank Ms. Helen Ang and Ms. Wendy Chung for communicating and connecting with other 1st grade parents in Ms. Worden and Ms. T. Chen’s class.  I would also like to thank Ms. Amanda Chambers, Ms. Vicki Chu, Ms. Trini Merlan, Ms. Angie Mae, and Ms. Victoria Smith for coordinating our 8th grade car-parade, promotion ceremony, and picture/yearbook.  You all have done an amazing job. 


If you wish to donate your used computer/laptop, please fill out the following brief survey and we will contact you for drop-off information.  We are trying to help other HISD families/students who are in need of technology devices for online learning.


Enjoy your summer! We will be in touch when the school district announces our opening procedures for the fall semester.


Chung Ying, Principal