Weekly Updates - August 14th, 2020

Weekly Updates - August 14th, 2020


Dear Parents, 


I hope you had a great week.  Everything is going well at school; the admins are working hard to make plans for the new school year.  Please see below for a few important items that I need to share with you.  


1. IMPORTANT. It is very important that your child “show up” on the first day of school.  If your child is absent on the first day, his/her enrollment will be dropped in the system as it is an HISD policy.  We understand it may be difficult for younger students to navigate the virtual learning environment, which is why we are going to make sure attending each online lesson is as easy as 1-2-3.  What we need is your support to ensure your child “shows up” on the first day of school.  


2. Survey updates:


 As of today, 8/14/20:


• Are you ready to start school virtually?  94% of the students are ready to start school virtually (same as two weeks ago)


• As public health status improves, will you feel comfortable sending your child return for face-to-face instruction?  40.1% said yes, 19.2% said no, and 40.7% were undecided.


• Do you have access to a tech device during the day?  85.9% said yes and 14.1% said no.  On that note, I have a huge shout-out to Mr. Milla and Ms. Obando for making the technology distribution plan.  We are confident that we have enough resources to ensure all MIMS students have access to technology.  We have already located the chromebooks and have drafted a plan for pick-up.  We will share pick-up information with you when we finalize the plan.  


• Do you have access to the internet?  99% said yes  


• 18 responses indicated that they have tech device(s) to donate.  Once again, thank you for your generosity.  We will reach out to you about donation drop-off soon.  


3. Big shout-out to Ms. T. Liu for putting together the new teacher orientation.  The new teachers met the admins and received lots of important information on Wednesday, 8/12.  Some of the new teachers came to the campus for orientation and took a tour at the end and checked out their work laptops.  


4. If you ordered school supplies, they are scheduled to arrive late next week.  Parent volunteers will contact you about pick-up information.  A huge shout-out to Ms. Beryl Stoutenberg and the parent volunteers who signed up to help distribute school supplies. We truly appreciate you spending hours and hours of your own time making sure students have the supplies that they need before school starts.  


5. As it turned out we have more people to thank for the progress on SPARK Park.  Mr. Chin helped lay out the basic design last year and a team of parents along with the architect have been adding details.  Ms. Flora Lai, Mr. Wayne Lim, Mr. Christian Tang, and Mr. Matthew Yang, thank you all for spending the time and getting involved in this project.  We appreciate every one of you.  


6. Have you checked out MIMS Facebook and MIMS Twitter recently?  Shout-out to Ms. Kirk and Ms. Taylor for doing a fantastic job on posting current news on social media.  It’s a blessing to have such a dynamic PR team.  If you haven’t already, friend us and like us and spread the words to your friends and family! 



7. Our Virtual Meet and Greet is scheduled for Thursday, 9/3/20 at 1:00 to 2:30 PM.  Virtual Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, 9/15/20 at 2:30 to 4:00 PM.  If you haven’t already, please mark your calendar.  We will send out virtual meeting invitations a few days before each event.  


Chung Ying, Principal