Weekly Updates - August 21st, 2020

Weekly Updates - August 21st, 2020


Dear Parents, 


Please see below for a few quick updates to wrap up this busy week!


• We have scheduled a Parent Town Hall meeting for Friday, 8/28/20 at 4:00 PM.  This town hall will be conducted in a live event format.  We will talk about MIMS reopening plan for virtual instruction and have a Q and A session at the end.


• Have you taken the Parent Introduction to Virtual Learning course?  You may find many of your questions about the new school year answered in this course.  Click here to take the course at your own pace!


• Have you checked out MIMS Facebook and Twitter recently?  Shout-out to Ms. Kirk and Ms. Taylor for doing a fantastic job on posting current news on social media.  It’s a blessing to have such a dynamic PR team.  If you haven’t already, friend us and follow us and spread the words to your friends and family!  Please note that our Facebook address and Twitter handle have both changed.  We couldn’t access the old accounts, so we had to start new this year.  


• Story Time with Mr. Ying - Here is the link to this Sunday’s story time.  Thanks to Ms. Obando, you will see our story time videos on our school website.  On the left side of the screen, look for “MIMS quick links” and “MIMS YouTube Channel”


Upcoming events:


• Donation drop off, Mr. Milla has reached out to you, please tell us what is a convenient time to drop off your donation.



• Chromebook pick up, 8/31, we are preparing chromebooks for pick up.  We will share specific pick up time next week.  


• Parent town hall, 8/28 at 4:00 - you may join the town hall meeting by clicking the hyperlink.  Please note that you must log in to an HISD account.


• Meet and greet, 9/3 at 1:00 - we will push the meeting invite to you as the date gets closer.


• Supply pick up, 9/4 2:00 to 5:00, we will be passing out consumables and planners.  More details to come.


• Open house, 9/15 at 2:30 - we will push the meeting invite to you as the date gets closer. 


Chung Ying, Principal