First Day of School - September 7th, 2020

First Day of School - September 7th, 2020


Dear Parents,


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The first day of school is only a few hours away, and I have a few important announcements to make.  


1. Schedule. 


a. All elementary and middle school students have a schedule.  A few middle school students are seeing schedules with missing periods because we are still entering them in the system.  Please do not panic.  Our goal is to finish entering everyone’s schedule by the end of today (Monday, Sept. 7th). 


b. It is important to know that we have your child’s schedule and we can help your child enter the correct virtual classroom and your child will not be marked absent as long as he/she is online tomorrow


2. Technology.


a. Families who have recently filled out technology needs, we are able to find Chromebooks for you.  You may stop by the school during business hours to pick up a Chromebook. 


b. Please note that:


i. You must fill out the survey.  If you never filled out the survey, we won’t have your child’s ID on record.


ii. While all Chromebooks are in working condition, they are NOT in perfect condition


iii. In the next few days, we will reassess our inventory and begin to look into helping large families with multiple students. 


3. School supplies – If you missed last Friday’s school supply drive, you may pick up the supply on Friday, 9/11/20, during office hours


Once again, we are working hard to make sure things go as smooth as possible for the first week of school.  I apologize to you, if I don’t respond to your individual email.  I do want you to know, however, that I do read your emails and while I can’t respond to everyone’s email, I am making plans to help you.  Thank you for your understanding, your patience and support. 


Chung Ying, Principal