Weekly Updates - September 18th, 2020

Weekly Updates - September 18th, 2020


Dear Parents,


I hope everyone had a great week.  I have quite a bit of information to share.  If you missed the PTO meeting today, I will include the information we discussed below. 


  1. HISD has announced that the teachers and staff will report back to their campus on 10/12.  Teachers will continue virtual instruction – they will be teaching from their classroom. 
  2. An important parent survey will go live on 9/21 to 9/25.  Parents will choose whether or not to send your child back to the building for face-to-face instruction. 
  1. You may access the survey in HISD Connect Parent Portal.  If you need access code, please reach out to Ms. Chavez (Christine.Chavez@houstonisd.org).
  2. The default answer is yes.  If you choose not to complete the survey, we will assume you choose to send your child back to the building for in-person instruction.
  3. HISD will share the survey results with the principals on 10/1 and we will be able to make informed staffing plan with that data. 
  4. Before the start of each six-week period, you will have the option to select in-person or virtual
  1. Socioeconomic Information Form (important)

Please find and complete the socioeconomic information form in your HISD Connect Parent Portal.Traditionally, we send this form in the welcome packet, but this year we will have to do this digitally.Please complete this form in Parent Portal.

  1. Update your email.  If you need to update/add an email, please use this link.  We will also post this link on the school website.  Thanks to Ms. Obando, she created this form so that you don’t have to email us back and forth about updating/adding email.  Please note that you will need your child’s student ID to complete the form.
  2. Questions about technology - Ms. Linzhe Obando and Mr. Elmer Milla

Questions about magnet program - Ms. Xian Xia

Need to update your information (including not receiving my emails) - Ms. Christine Chavez

Questions about health and safety - Ms. Vonshay Stubblefield

Questions about 504 program and accommodation (including IAT process) - Mr. Justin Ritsema

Questions about Special Education - Mr. David Nichols

Questions about GT program and CBE test - Ms. Yabei Yin

  1. HISD updated all students’ Team privileges yesterday.  Please see the attached for detail changes.  With student’s “Chat” turned off, teachers and students are having trouble communicating in Teams.  We are aware of this issue, and please be patient with us while we find a solution. 
  2. Many parents ask about what will it look like when we reopen the building.


What is the class size?  The maximum number of students per classroom is 9.  We will place the overflow to another classroom. 


Where to have breakfast and lunch?  Students will have breakfast, lunch, PE in the classroom.  There will be very limited transition in the building.


Will there be a different schedule?  No, we will most likely keep the same schedule.


When is dismissal for in-person?  We need more information for the district before we make a decision.


What about the transportation services?  Transportation is provided to special education, homeless, and priority students. Once we have preliminary numbers on Friday, September 25, the determination of transportation to all students, including magnet schools, will be made.


What supplies will HISD provide?  Facilities will distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to each campus on a weekly and monthly basis.

PPE will include thermometers based on number of students.

Weekly: Schools will receive disposable masks (one per staff member and one per student) and wipes will be provided for classrooms and campus.

Monthly: Gloves will be provided for classrooms and campus.


Will my child have the same homeroom teacher if/when we come back in-person?  We will do everything we can not to change homeroom. 


  1. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we are inviting a guest speaker, Ms. Karina Gonzalez, to talk about her story, about how she overcame challenges and became a professional ballerina.  This will be a live event on Thursday, 9/24 at 9:00 to 9:20.  All students are encouraged to tune in.  Please use this hyperlink to access the live event.  Special thank you to Ms. Liliana Rueda Castrillon, Ms. Sophia Chacon, Ms. Sandra Lozano, Ms. Veronica Velazquez, and Ms. Lauren Anderson for meeting with me and helping me plan this event. 
  2. Girl scout flyer 
  3. GT flyer 


Thank you and have a great weekend!


Chung Ying, Principal