Weekly Updates - November 5th, 2021

Weekly Updates - November 5th, 2021


Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great week. Please see below for this week’s announcements.

  1. I start with a couple of celebrations

    1. MIMS won the most minutes read in MyOn reading challenge for the month of October

    2. MIMS was one of the schools with the highest attendance rate for the month of October

    3. MIMS Chess and Robotics club brough home awards and trophies from last weekend’s competition

  2. New parking reminders

    1. We have made significant improvements during arrival and dismissal - thank you, parents!

    2. Don’t park in the pick-up lane or reserved spots, and don’t drive into teacher lot,

    3. Don’t double park - perpendicular to another parked car,

    4. Please stay in your vehicle as staff is assigned to assist your child out of the vehicle.

    5. Please do not exit students from the left-hand side of the vehicle, oncoming traffic is not always paying attention.

    6. Be kind and patient, we are setting example for our students – our children watch and hear everything,

    7. Drive up as far as possible please to ensure that we keep cars moving

    8. Don’t cross across places where it is not designated cross walks

    9. Use your turn signals coming into the parking lot and leaving. Too many close calls of people not using signals to indicate direction.

    10. Don't assume Mr. S (traffic guard) can see you or into your car when you pull up to ask for permission to pass when Ms. S have the whole street stopped. Wait for Mr. S go acknowledge you so he can give you a clear passage.

    11. If you leave during oncoming traffic/ when Mr. S doesn’t have it blocked for you, you're assuming the risk that comes with possibly entering into a wreck. Good rule of them; no turn signal, no go.

  3. Data night video

    Ms. Tima-an will be sharing data night videos later today. I just wanted to add that I realized in my video when I was talking about STAAR data, I didn’t refresh the slides. Please see the attached for my slides.

  4. The election day went smoothly. Thanks to all parents, teachers, staff, and students for following the election day procedures. Special shoutout to Mr. Doucet for staying until 12:00 in the morning to close the doors after the election judges finished up their paperwork.

  5. HISD media department came out for the bond promotional video shoot on Thursday. Thank you to Ms. Y Zhang, Ms. Tijerina, Ms. Lopez, and Ms. Kirk for accommodating the video shoot.

  6. Please help us talk to your child about no cell phone usage in the building. Cell phones need to stay in the backpack. Students may only use cell phone under the following circumstances:

    1. For emergency purposes,

    2. Call parents after school,

    3. With teacher’s approval and under teacher’s supervision for class assignments,

  7. After school program (ASP)

    We are ready to accept more students for the after school program!

    Registration form can be found here. Payment can be done by school pay here.

    For any questions they are welcome to contact me by email at sgonza39@houstonisd.org.

  8. Waiting area

    Parents and visitors are welcome to come in the building and wait in the “lobby area” or foyer. You don’t have to wait outside the building.

  9. Picture day

    1. Retake date: Wednesday, 11/17/21

    2. Spring picture day: Wednesday, 3/9/22 (tentative)

    3. Spring picture retake: TBD For questions related to

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