Week of April 6th

Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 4/6/2020 7:00:00 AM

Week 2 of Distance Learning 

Here is what we will be working on this week. I have office hours Mon-Friday 1-3 to answer questions in "near real-time", but feel free to reach out at any time!

All activities are due Sunday by 8 pm.  Students should create a schedule and start working on assignments when they can. I will be checking in on students if they are not making progress on the assignments for the week. Along with independent reading and writing journal entries, students will be writing a persuasive letter.

Weekly Check-in – This is a quick check, so I know your thoughts on assignments. Please complete it early in the week, so I can take your input into consideration for next week.

Independent reading- Students will continue to read 20 min a day independently, they will complete a quick form for accountability.

Brain-Storm Topic for Persuasive Letter – Students should try to complete this by Wednesday, to prevent procrastination.

Persuasive Letter Organizer/Outline– This is to help organize thoughts for the assignment, it is not a grade but would be helpful to complete.

Persuasive Letter Rough Draft- Please turn this in by Sunday Night 8 pm. This is your grade for the week.

Remember to continue to:

  • Journal about life during this time, about 2- 5 entry’s this week. The length is up to you; it can be a three-sentence paragraph or a full page.  There is nothing to turn in for this yet, please keep up with this ongoing assignment.
  • Check Gradespeed- cycle 5 ends Tuesday! Please reach out if you have any questions or missing work.