1/6-1/10 - Week 4.1

Posted by Colin Dabbs on 1/12/2020 1:00:00 PM

This week in US History, we begin...


“A More Perfect Union?” or The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Responsibilities of Citizenship (1787-present)


Lesson 5A

Securing the Blessings of Liberty: How is the U.S. Constitution organized to give the government power, but not too much power?


and review 



We the People: What were the Compromises reached at the Convention over Ratification?


This week in class, students will:

  1. Analyze the issues of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, including the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise.
  2. Analyze the arguments of the Federalists and Anti‐Federalists, including those of Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, James Madison, and George Mason 
  3. Continue to practice applying the Social Studies Skills found in TEK 8.29B
  4. Practice Units 4 and 5 Key Terms on Quizlet.
  5. Analyze how the U.S. Constitution reflects the principles of limited government, republicanism, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, and individual rights.
  6. Summarize the purposes for and process of amending the U.S. Constitution.

For additional context, I recommend the following review videos.

"Crash Course in US History" on YouTube

  • Episodes 8 & 9
  • Be advised: the narrator speaks very quickly, and the content and humor is geared toward high school students.

Big Due Dates:

  • Units 1,2,3,4 Stationed Review and Units 2&3 Crossword (in class. Daily Grade)
  • Quizlet - review Unit 4 Key Terms (HW)
  • Quizlet - begin Unit 5 Key Terms (HW)
  • Due Mon/Tues - Principles Ad Pitch and Presentation (in group; with Rubric. Daily Grade)