Kaplan COVID-19- Student Support and Resources

Who could have imagined even a few short weeks ago we’d be where we are today. While the future feels uncertain right now when it comes to your school or campus, we want to share with you some of the ways that we are here to support our students and our partners during this global health crisis. 

SAT On Demand - One Month Free
Kaplan is offering a free month of SAT On Demand to support all students with their distance learning.  Please share with any of your students during this time.  Students can sign up by visiting: https://go.kaptest.com/e/504051/sat-free-sat-on-demand-trial/2rx2wg/327082901?h=7yawH6T149O6xgz8fj28PZiRxzf353nXsMhHRAq4zH4

Free AP Programming
Kaplan is offering free AP prep sessions on YouTube live for AP US History, AP World History, and AP Biology. These sessions will focus on question review and include time to ask a teacher questions. You can find more information and schedules: https://go.kaptest.com/e/504051/study-pre-college-ap-/2rx2wj/327082901?h=7yawH6T149O6xgz8fj28PZiRxzf353nXsMhHRAq4zH4

Additional free ACT, SAT, and AP Resources
Kaplan has additional free students resources at out precollege HUB including study tips, pop quizzes, and practice tests: https://www.kaptest.com/study/pre-college/?


You can also find the latest updates from testmakers here: 


College Board for SAT and AP: https://pages.collegeboard.org/collegeboard-covid-19-updates


ACT: https://www.act.org/content/act/en/covid-19.html


More information in our FAQ
You can find additional information about Kaplan’s response to the pandemic, and how we are supporting students through it, by referencing our FAQ, which is being updated regularly.  
We’re in this together
Our primary concern is for the wellness and safety of every student, every instructor, every member of our staff, and for the larger academic communities with whom we work and partner in support of helping people realize their potential and see their goals and aspirations become achievable. In moments like this, we are especially mindful that learning is relational, and at its best is centered on the needs of humans. We will continue to provide timely, verified information to students and stakeholders as it becomes available. Please let me know if I can help in any way in supporting your students. 

Be well, and stay safe.