Week Feb. 17-21 All classes

Posted by Kristin Sanders on 2/17/2020

This week: Tutorials T/W 7:50-8:30


Scholars will...

1. Have 50 minutes to complete their Natural Selection Projects (graded 40%)

2. Charles Darwin Natural Selection Activity (partners) 

HW: Read and All questions in TEXTBOOK  pages 372-382 (these were assigned 2 weeks ago) will be graded (10%)

DUE: 2/21/2020 FRIDAY



Scholars will.....

Participate in Natural Selection activities that will demonstrate the concept of Charles Darwin and Natural Selection and Adaptations and create a graph using T.A.I.L.S of their results



Scholars will... 

Practice writing in Science. Students will be given a prompt to provide a response.



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