Week 3 - Researching Assignments

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/16/2020

Week 3 Updates


Hello all!



I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! Attached you will find a weekly update for Week 3. Please make sure your student is reading it thoroughly before starting work. 


It is important that your student keep a line of communication open at least once a week with their instructors so that we can know they are taking care of their work and themselves during this time. 



In last week's assignment, I asked students to send their feedback in regard to distance learning. Some FAQ (frequently asked questions) can be found answered below:


Q: How do we find and open our student email?

A: Student email can be accessed through Microsoft Office 365 with your student ID. Clickhere to see a step by step video to understand how. 


Q: Will we go back to school again?

A: I am unaware of when it will be safe for us to go back to school. I too have grown restless and miss seeing your smiling faces, silly jokes and caring hearts every day. Hopefully, we can return sooner rather than later.


Q: Can we call you outside of your Tuesday Microsoft Teams time if we have an urgent question?

A: Yes! email me first let me know so I can schedule a meeting.  


Q: Can you please make each assignment more understandable?

A: I have and will continue to be available through Teams and email to answer questions. As for understandable assignment instructions, there are videos, newsletters and written instructions to aid and guide your completion of the work. Please make sure you are looking through all of those resources BEFORE you ask questions to clarify instructions