Week 4 - Writing Arguments

Posted by Micah Nellums on 4/19/2020

Week 4 Update

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! Attached you will find a weekly update for Week 4. Please make sure your student is reading it thoroughly before starting work. 


I still have a few of you guys not completing work throughout the week. Students, Here is a link to all cycle 6 work that you are responsible for. Progress report grades will be submitted on the 24th. You are allotted a week to do 90 minutes’ worth of work, so please be vigilant to do your work in a timely fashion. There will be 3 grades students will be held accountable for by the 24th:


Week 1: ad analysis

Week 2: advertisement/ commercial

Week 3’s: Author’s Argument



Though our cluster is at 100% attendance weekly, we are not getting 100% attendance across the board for all core teachers. It is important that your student keep a line of communication open at least once a week with all of their instructors so that we can know they are taking care of their work and themselves during this time. They should be emailing me personally to ask questions or joining Microsoft Teams on the schedules Tuesday meaning or they can call me through TEAMS from 1-3. We would like autonomy at this time to alleviate stress on parents, so please encourage them to ask questions through us first.  

stay calm