Online Learning April 13th - 17th

Posted by RCaraballo on 4/12/2020

Hi 7B and thank you for once again checking the blog! 
I am sorry that I am not able to give you experiements or live activities like the rat dissection lab but I do spend many hours trying to find interesting videos and creating engaging content. I hope you are enjoying what you see.

This is the 6th cycle at the moment, please do all of the Google Classroom assignments. I will be posting up extra credit oppourtunities in the middle of the week if you have time. The extra credit is NOT a substitute for the week's assignment and should only be done after the week's assignment has been completed. 

This week, students are to complete 2 things:

1. Fill in the Catastrophic Events Chart

2. Choose one of the four ScienceFlix assignments and do them on the Google Slide.

The information to complete this and the step by step instructions are on a third file that is called "How to Complete Instructions". Check this first, then start on the assignments. This is due Sunday, April 19th.