Online Learning April 6th - 10th

Posted by RCaraballo on 4/5/2020

This week, I will be using the new Google Classroom online assignment, "Food Chains GIZMO" as the first grade of the 6th cycle.

This will be due on Sunday, April 12th.

You should have two windows open:
1. HISD website application: The HUB
2. Google Classroom assignment: Food Chain GIZMO doc

I have to put grades for 5th cycle in before April 8th.
I am so impressed that despite not being at school, there are so many students who are on point with deadlines. Yet, there are still many grades that have not been completed. Please reach out to me as soon as possible to fix any glitches, errors or concerns regarding grades. Email me:

If you want to check what grades are missing, check the GradeSpeed Monitor and look for the 3 letters: MSG
This means it is missing.

I want to help out as much as possible but unless I am reached, I cannot do anything about it.

There are many families that I do not have any contact info. Either it was incorrectly input at the beginning of the year or it has expired. 

Please reach out to me so I may be able to help you.