Cluster Update- March 25th

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/5/2020

Hello All! 


We hope you are doing well during this time. Many of you have received a brief phone call or email regarding updates concerning digital learning and remote access to class materials and assignments. 


Teachers have started to utilize Google classroom, the Remind App, and newsletters like this one. We will also be using Microsoft Teams, which students will have access through starting on March 31st. As always, they will access it using their HISD email address. Directions on how to access their emails are here.


For Science, History, English, and Math, students will be communicated information through the 7C Cluster Blog, Google Classroom, and Remind. 


Students who have Mrs.Warhotifg for Math can access Google Classroom using the following Codes: 

Period 1: 3j2gn24

Period 3: jabf7gr

Period 4: gfu3ifz

Period 7: evn2xa2


*Parents, please do not sign up for google classroom. Class content should only be accessed through student’s accounts. 


As always, students should be actively checking their respective platforms, email and updating their planners to stay on top of work. The 5th grading cycle is scheduled to end on Friday, April 3rd, so we encourage you to access Gradespeed and contact any teachers as soon as possible with questions about individual grades.


Please be aware that only one member per household should sign up for a class’ Remind as announcements will not be able to be sent past 150 members. One member means one child or parent. If a child has 2 or more residences, the child can sign up and share information with each guardian. There are 138 students in 7C so please respect the space allowed for the Remind app. Please remove yourself from the Remind if you have more than one account. 


Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.


Ms. Coffman 

Ms. Hulbirt 

Ms. Hsu  

Ms. Marshall 

Ms. Nellums 

Ms. Warhoftig 

Reading Intervention students please contact Mrs. May.

We will be posting “office hours” early next week for each teacher. We respect the fact that many of you are sharing devices with siblings or parents, so we will limit the time you will need to report to a class. Instead, we will make lessons available for you to complete at your convenience, giving you sufficient time to complete them. As we have said and will continue to say, some of us are less proficient with technology than others, so please be patient with us as we all adjust to this “new normal.” Our wish is that we are able to see you all in person sooner, rather than later! We really do miss you!