Week of April 13th-19th

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/11/2020

Hello Pin Oak Chargers!

I know MOST of us wish we were making plans to find our IDs and to make sure our dress code clothes were ready to go, but we will continue to do what's necessary to "flatten the curve," and keep people safe. We REALLY appreciate how you have adapted to "distance learning" and for some, have thrived! Some of you have found that creating and following a schedule has worked for you. If this is something you are struggling with, please let me know and I will help you design a schedule that works for you!

Our lesson this week is on Catastrophic Events/Natural Disasters/Extreme Weather. Basically, we will be looking at events that change the ecosystem, which will prepare us for the next lesson on ecological succession. All of your resources are available in your Google Classroom. We will be utlilizing Science Flix, Brainpop.com, and National Geographic. There are several hyperlinks that will guide you to videos. The one video that always fascinates me the most is the video about the tsunami in Japan. The power of water is unfathomable! Your graded assignment will be your choice of one out of four activities available in Science Flix, Extreme Weather, Science Labs.

On our Teams Meeting and in emails, calls, and Google Classroom chats, some of you have said that you are finishing your work, and are interested in some other resources. I HIGHLY recommend you access this link for a FREE subscription to "Time For Kids." 

Time For Kids

I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you sometime this week!

Take care!

Ms. Coffman