Science - Week of March 30th

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 3/27/2020

Hello 7C Families!

My thoughts continue to be with you all during this very unusual time. We are adjusting as best as we can to this situation. As you can imagine, it is beneficial to live with a PE Teacher who motivates me to get my steps in everyday! You might be experiencing a lack of motivation to get up and get moving, but I promise you that you will help your mental status by taking care of your physical fitness at the same time!

I hope by now, you have received the 7C newsletter Ms. Nellums sent out. We have all posted assignments to Google Classroom. Due to the holiday on Monday, March 30th, we will not be hosting "office hours," but starting on TUESDAY, MARCH 31st, you will be able to click on the link below and join the 7C Science TEAMS MEETING. You are NOT required to join the call, but you are more than welcome to pop in and ask any questions you might have about the assignments, or just to chat. I saw a really good post yesterday about how we need to refer to this time as "physical distancing," and not "social distancing," because more than ever, we need to stay connected as best we can with others. Think about making it a goal to reach out to at least 3 people everyday that you don't live with, and who you do not typically communicate with on a daily basis.

The weekly assignment for Science is posted on Google Classroom. It will be due on Sunday, April 5th, by 8:00pm. This will count as the first grade on the 6th grading cycle. The assignment is posted under Biotic vs. Abiotic Factors, and includes an exploration of living and non-living things outside, an Amoeba Sisters video, a T-chart, and a C.E.R. that will be submitted for a grade.

I look forward to seeing many of you on-line in a TEAMS Meeting sometime this week. Teachers are required to check in with every student in either these meetings, via email, or via our Google Classroom conversations each week. Please make it a point to communicate at least once a week with each of your teachers in whichever format you are most comfortable with. We miss you, and wish we could see you in person, but we will continue to do what's best to help keep everyone as safe as possible!

This is the link to the 7C Science TEAMS Meeting:

I hope to see or hear from some of you on Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Ms. Coffman