Virtual School- Week of 4/13-18/2020

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/16/2020

As with last week, I have divided the tasks into three sections:
MUST DO- I expect these tasks to be done this week. These tasks will be graded. To view my instructional video, click here.

  1. Watch and answer questions over "The Danger of A Single Story";
  2. Create an Identity Bubble Statement (these will be a combined grade).

NICE TO DO- This is something that I would like for you to try if you have time.

  1. Journaling;
  2. Khan Academy

NEED SOMETHING ELSE- These are assignments that build on some of the reading options in the Must Dos, and that will provide you with more enrichment if you find yourself needing more challenge or creativity.

  1. Do Something Good

I will also post a mid-week check-in, which I hope will be a fun way for students to interact with me, and with one another!