Virtual School- Week of 4/20-24/2020

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/20/2020

Student Directions 4/20-24/2020

*This is your overview of the week. All assignment materials are posted in Google Classroom. 

*Week of 4/20-24/2020 Overview Video


This week your BIG MUST DO tasks will focus on planning a “Literature or Text Based Research Project.” With that project, you will take SOMETHING that you have read this year, and form a question that you are interested in researching. The end product will be a presentation in which you “virtually” teach us about your topic.

Literature Based Research is taking topics that are covered in something that you have read, and forming a question that requires investigation and research to answer. 

It is the connection between reading for pleasure (or assignment), and wondering about the wider world.

Literature Based Research Project Overview Video

 The Project The steps in this project will take you through forming a research question, conducting research, writing your thesis, and creating an instructive product based on your findings. That means that you will be creating a presentation to TEACH others about your topic. Your final projects will be presented to your classmates through a “Virtual Gallery.”

Project Steps

*Where you see “Teacher Approval,” that is a point where you need to pause for me to check your work before you move on.

Planning- Week of 4/20-24/2020

  1. Forming an Idea (Submit Google Doc)
  2. Forming a Research Question (Submit Google Doc) (Teacher Approval)

Research- Beginning Week of 4/27-5/1/2020

  1. Use credible sources to conduct research 
  2. Maintain Bibliography of sources used (Teacher Approval)

Building Your Project

  1. You will have choices how you will create a presentation which teaches others about your topic

Final project due date is still TBD (to be determined). I should know that next week.

Week of 4/20-24/2020 Tasks

Must Dos- You have to do this. No excuses (unless your technology isn’t working, and then you need to contact me!)

  • *Forming an Idea Google Doc
  • *Forming a Research Question Google Doc

(These two tasks will be one grade. Each will be worth 10 points, for a 20 point grade. I have to grade and approve this before you can move on.)

  • Complete High School Survey
  • Read a Book, the news, short story, poetry, website, SOMETHING! READ!

Nice to Do

  • Keep a journal. Share your entries with me if you would like to.
  • Practice Grammar skills with Khan Academy

Something Else


  • Support a Teacher- Let a teacher know that you appreciate them. Believe it or not, we teachers are getting a lot of pressure from a lot of directions. You may not see it, but it’s true. The people who are being awesome are you students. It makes our day when we get a text, e-mail, or message from you, with a funny meme, or just saying, “How are YOU doing today?” Think about the teachers who might need some support, and reach out to them. You can find teacher’s email addresses on the Pin Oak Website, or if you need another way to contact them, let me know… I’ll try to help!


  • Try something new- Never baked a cake? Find a recipe, and try it out! Never washed dishes? DO IT! Never sewn a button onto a shirt? Learn to sew a button! Learn to do something you don’t know how to do! Better yet, Take a picture, post it in the comments, and tell us how it went!