Week of March 30 Distance Learning Week 1

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 3/30/2020

Distance learning has begun! This is new for all of us, so I am going to take things slowly for the first week or two. Understand that not all students have the same access to technology; they may share devices with siblings, or have limited access to wifi. Until I'm comfortable with how this will work, we will take our time. Only one topic for the first week, to be discussed shortly.

We had nearly finished the last unit on quadratic functions, with one topic left to go (Quadratic regression). This topic, and many in the unit for that matter, required a graphing calculator. As result, they are not well-suited for distance-learning. I have decided instead to push ahead to the next unit on Quadratic Equations.

A 90-day trial of a graphing calculator emulator for desktops/Laptops is available at. To my knowledge, there isn't a free (Texas-Instruments) application for tablets or phones. Because of this, lessons will be presented assuming you DO NOT have a graphing calculator.


Lastly, there will be no STAAR exam this year. Students will receive course credit for completing Algebra-1. Students should simply do their best; please do not stress about your grades!




1) On the handout posted on Google-Classroom, you'll notice there are notes and examples. These are presented to you in the following YouTube videos:

2) The last 2 pages of the handout is an assignment for you to complete. Answers will be posted shortly to allow you to check your work. When finished, take a picture or scan of your work (the final two pages only), and send it to me at mark.redstone@houstonisd.org for a 20-point completion grade. If Google Classroom allows you to upload your results directly, that works too! Remember, I'm still learning.

3) When you feel confident with the topic, just like in class, you will take a brief assessment on OnTrack. Log into the HUB, and complete the 10-question assessment titled "ALG1_QuadEqn_SRoots". This will be valued at 10 points.

If you need assistance, more information will be coming regarding online tutorials and office hours.