Migrating to Google Classroom

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 3/27/2020

Students, please join your class using the codes below. I'll be pushing information and assignments out to you shortly. Until then, I look forward to hearing from each of you in the coming days; you're missed.

Period 1 (Algebra) - 2sey7dk
Period 3 (Math 8) - 3kmbftm
Period 4 (Pre-Algebra) - vhz477o
Period 5 (Pre-Algebra) - wkyswcv
Period 8 (Algebra) - uty5xh5



If you can, please consider downloading a 90-day free trial (no licence needed) of a graphing-calculator emulator from Texas Instruments. It's a little clumsy at first, but, it's almost the same interface as we use in class.