Week of April 20 - Distance Learnng

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/20/2020

This week, we review quadratic equations - which method should you choose?



1) Overview for the week; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG_9YX6JqCM&feature=youtu.be

2) Watch the following video, where I review all the ways to solve quadratic equations, and choose the quickest method to solve for each.

3) *** This is how you are assessed this week *** The handout attached to the lesson on Google Classroom is a WhoDunnit, similar to many others you completed in class this year. On a separate piece of notebook paper, work through each problem using a method of your choice. Work neatly! When finished, be sure to indicate the details of the crime. Upload your work to Google classroom - it's just easier for me than emailing. Then, in the private comment section for this assignment, tell me how things are going 😊

4) Enrichment/Voluntary assignment - Visit student.desmos.com, and enter code BS5788. This activity is not for a grade, but it is an interesting way of seeing how the discriminant effects the roots of a quadratic function. This Desmos activity will serve as an introduction to next week's activity, where we will return to looking at the properties of quadratic functions (intercepts, symmetry, max/min values, domain and range).