Week of May 4 - Distance Learning Week 6

Posted by Mark Redstone on 5/3/2020

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our Kahoot on Friday! Hayden Musser gets bragging rights as he edged out 10 others to get the Win.


This week is all about word problems involving quadratics.


1) Watch the YouTube video for some examples on how to solve these types of problems. The .pdf containing these problems is posted in Google Classroom you'd like to try them before watching!


2) *This is how you are evaluated this week*. Complete the Google Form posted in GC; to do so successfully, you'll need a pencil, paper and calculator. Some of these are tricky; make sure you answer the question that's asked.


This essentially ends the state's curriculum for Algebra 1. We covered it all!

Next week, I'll introduce a topic called "Piecewise Functions". It blends linear equations, inequalities and quadratics, and will serve as an excellent review.