Week of May 11 - Distance Learning Week 7

Posted by Mark Redstone on 5/10/2020

This week, you'll be reviewing how to graph functions and relations using Desmos, and learn how to set the domain and range that gets plotted. Your goal, will be to graph your name!

1) Watch the following video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzltoJCXUAw. This shows you how to graph several lines in Desmos, and then set a specific domain or range. This link is also included within the Desmos activity itself.

2) *This is how you are evaluated this week*. Login, using your Google credentials, to student.desmos.com and enter the applicable code listed below. The sign-in is a critical step, as it allows you to sign out, and have your work saved to continue at another time. I am also able to view your progress, and grade your finished assignment without you having to upload anything to Google Classroom.

Period 1: 7PRA52
Period 8: G92SB3