Remote Learning Week 3

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/16/2020

This week, students will learn about the atmosphere – its importance to sustaining life on the planet, its interesting structure and properties, how air pressure works, and the issues of air pollution and ozone depletion.

Students will watch three short videos culled from different sources and answer practice questions on Quizizz (a fun review game platform). They will also have optional hands-on and enrichment activities that will count as extra credit. These optional activities will give students an opportunity to:

  • watch how air pressure is at work in a set up involving a water in a pan, a lit candle and an inverted glass;
  • see how air pressure can crush an aluminum soda can;
  • create a home-made liquid dispenser using simple materials at home;
  • build a physical or virtual lung model;
  • understand how Covid 19 affects patients’ respiration; and
  • explore how ventilators work.

An overview of the lesson, all the assignments, and the links to and schedules for Teams Meetings (a platform for face to face interaction) can be found on Google Classroom for Science.