Remote Learning Week 2

Posted by Lucara Stewart on 4/6/2020

This week, students will learn about topographic maps and satellite images – how to interpret them to identify land and erosional features, and how these features may be reshaped by weathering.


Students will watch instructive (1-3 minute) videos, answer practice questions and complete a quiz. They also have optional exploration and enrichment activities (counted as extra credit).


For their exploration activities, students can choose to:

(1) take a virtual hike of Big Bend National Park;

(2) build and map a clay mountain; or

(3) create a hand topographical map with just a pen and their hand.

For their enrichment activities, students can click on links that would show them (1) the effect of Covid 19 on air pollution; and (2) how satellite images of poop stains help us understand penguin populations.

An overview of the lesson and all the assignments can be found on Google Classroom for Science.